AEM Multilanguage site - pointing to a specific visited page



Hello everyone,
We are developing a MultiLanguage website with AEM, following the hints and structure given by the Adobe help page and its official documentation.

Even watching other important websites like H&M or BMW , developed with the same technology, we noticed that noone really thought (or cared?) about switching language and keep the User in the same page with a different Language.

Is this because it is a mess to implement or just because it was not meant to do so?

We would like our Website Users to stay in the same section/page, when switching to another language, not forcing them to go to the language root and browse down again and again till reaching the point where they were before.

I am very interested in knowing your solutions to this kind of problem, or if you have some material (books, videos, websites to visit) to suggest, please do so!

Every hint is strongly appreciated

Thanks in advance


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