AEM Mobile Apps Concept



Hi all,

I am still thinking in the lines of traditional AEM, where author enters the content, and after reviews/approval, it will be pushed to Publish.

And it is the Publish that serves data to the outside world.

This hold good for Mobile Web also.

But for Mobile Apps, we could push from Author to Mobile Apps. is it true? Probably we could push from Publish also.

What is the role of Publish server for AEM Mobile Apps?

Why is it a deviation for mobile apps?

Kindly send me a block diagram which shows author, publish, aem mobile, app store and mobile device.



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Thanks for your reply.

1. Is there a pictorial representation of this, to help me better understand? Since this knowledge is wide spread, there must be some diagrams somewhere!

2. So, in the AEM Mobile Apps (using OnDemand Runtime) topology, we do not need Publish instance at all?

3. Given that AEM OnDemand hosted services replaces Publish Server, is the Dispatcher connected to AEM OnDemand hosted services as opposed to Publish?

4. App Stores pull app content updates from AEM-PUBLISH or OnDemand services. How is it done? Polling? Is it Pull or Push?

5. In AEM terminology, there are two distinct items: Application (containing HTML, OSGI bundles, etc) and Content (author created pages).

How are these two updated to App Stores? Point # 3 above covers which of these two? How about the second one?

5. What is Content Sync used for?

Appreciate all your replies.