AEM Link Checker : Comprehensive Guide



AEM link checker is used to validate all internal and external links available on the page. The main purpose of developing link checker is that content author should not worry about bad or broken links on publish environment , it also allow authors to view list of all valid and invalid links available on his website at a single place.

After completing this tutorial you will have a clear and understanding about:-

  1. How aem external link checker works.
  2. How aem internal link checker works.
  3. How to fix broken links that link checker not able to validate.
  4. Difference between link checker and link rewriter.
  5. How to disable link checker in AEM.

Read more at AEMCQ5Tutorials: AEM Link Checker : Comprehensive Guide http://www.aemcq5tutorials.com/tutorials/aem-link-checker-comprehensive-guide/






Hi AnkurAhlawat

Have a question - Does this link checker behave differently for different versions of AEM instances, in terms of performance wise for a huge content like for about 30,000 pages? Any thoughts??

By the way, that was a great article.