AEM Layout Grid + Fluid Layout

robinsonm 22-01-2019

When trying to implement the AEM Grid system on a site, is it possible to allow content to flow around another component based on that component's size in the Grid? It seems that the text component can only be either 100%, or the width that you set in the Grid, no fluidity.

I've attached a screenshot as an example.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Hi Matthew,

as these two are 2 different components (image and text) it’s not possible to overflow one on the other.

2 ways to handle this.

1. Combine this to one component ‘imageText’ and handle it via css style

2. Break the text component to 2 text components and add the content accordingly

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

robinsonm 23-01-2019

smacdonald2008​ This looks more like creating individual columns for the elements. I'm looking to one layout container that I drag a text and an image component into. From there, using the layout tools, adjust the images width, and  have the text from the text component flow around it. As bsloki​ mentioned, I could create another component to achieve this, however IMO, that seems a bit overkill to simply position an image using the responsive grid.

I'll continue to look for a solution. Thanks for your replies!