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Can someone explain to me what changes need to be made in a maven project so that we can import and export bundles.

Let's say I have a bundle -

I want to use some classes of the abc bundle in a different bundle - com.pqr

So I will need to export the bundle (maybe by modifying the pom file) and also import the bundle in com.pqr (by importing the abc bundle in pom file).

What exactly are the changes I need to make to the pom file in order to do this? I see that there is option to add dependency in the file but also to import a package so I am really confused. Some help here on what to do in the pom file would be very much appreciated.


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Answers (2)

Answers (2)



Hi @sg08 


You need to understand the concept of the Bundle Resolution Rule in OSGi.This is very well explained in this link.



Arpit Varshney




Your bundle should be exporting the class which can be consumed by other bundles. if you use the @service annotation, it will expose your class as a OSGI service