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Hi All,

We have a e-commerce AEM site which uses Hybris as e-commerce engine. We are in the process of upgrading Hybris and as part of upgrade we have a requirement to use ASM module from Hybris and provide the same features on AEM Store front(existing website) i.e a customer sales rep can order on a customer's behalf/add items to cart etc. We are currently authenticating against hybris, We are trying to avoid developing a whole new site for this and thinking of ways if a customer sales rep will go to hybris backoffice and can launch AEM storefront site and is logged in as the customer. Kind of impersonation.

Any pointers on how we can achieve the functionality. We are on AEM 6.3 and using AEM-Hybris connector with some customization.

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Accepted Solutions (1)





Thank you for your question. The scope of AEM Commerce Integration Framework (CIF) is a typical B2C store front customer journey and does not support impersonation by 3rd parties. However, you could extend CIF and add this functionality as a custom extension.

Your first step is to figure out if hybris' OCC v2 REST API layer (which we use for the integration) supports impersonation. If not, you would need to extend their OCC API layer and expose impersonation first. On the AEM side I would integrate the impersonation functionality in the Context Hub. Your sales person could then pick the person he wants to impersonate via Context Hub.

Unfortunately, I don't have any real-world example or experience I can share with you.


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