AEM - html page source code is XML or json ?

arunk85184451 02-03-2020



in AEM ,html pages are in json format . i think yes ?


any html page created in AEM , Like test.html can be viewed as .test.model.json ? how we can see as xml format ?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Briankasingli 02-03-2020


The new AEM Core WCM Components are built with Sling Models, which Sling Models includes a single exporter, using the Jackson framework. Jackson allows you to expose and format Sling Model Object's properties in JSON format. 

There's another way to obtain JSON from any resource and AEM. You can replace ".html" with "tidy.infinity.json"; which the request triggers the default Sling GET servlet in JSON mode. read more here:

Visit this thread of Adobe's Forum topic to review a conversation about converting content as XML:

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