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AEM Hive error


Level 1

I am trying to connect to Hive through JDBC.


Connection con = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:hive2://hs2prod.corp.adobe.com:10000/default", "user", "pass");

Statement sql = con.createStatement();

ResultSet res = sql.executeQuery("SELECT * FROM TABLE_NAME" );

Have added the following dependency to pom.xml







Build is success but the OSGi bundle status shows installed instead of active with an error - javax.annotation,version=[1.0,2) -- Cannot be resolved


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Level 10

How did you build this? The issue is wrong version is reference. You can eliminate this error by opening the Manifest file in the OSGI bundle and remove version. Then the bundle will pick up version AEM exposes.


Level 1

I am using AEM 6.4 and have Maven Archetype 13 setup in IntelliJ. After build maven also deploys the bundles to my local instance. Not sure if updating the Manifest in bundle manually will help in the long run. Please suggest