AEM forms jee installation



Hi, We need to perform AEM 6.3 forms JEE installation. Got below basic queries. Kindly help.

1. Do we need install separate aem forms jee server(jboss) for author and publish?

2. Can we use jboss turnkey installation in production? Is it recommended.

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(open a new question for anything else you need)

You need to 'white list' the domain you will be using to access this machine or what is referred to as the referring URLs.

  1. In Administration Console, click Settings > User Management > Configuration > Configure Allowed Referer URL’s. The Allowed Referer list appears at the bottom of the page.
  2. To add an allowed referer:
    • Type a host name or IP address in the Allowed Referers box. To add more than one allowed referer at a time, type each host name or IP address on a new line.
    • In the HTTP Port and HTTPS Ports boxes, specify which ports to allow for HTTP, HTTPS, or both. If you leave those boxes empty, the default ports (port 80 for HTTP and port 443 for HTTPS) are used. If you enter 0 (zero) in the boxes, all ports on that server are enabled. You can also enter a specific port number to enable only that port.
    • Click Add.
  3. To remove entry from the Allowed Referer list, select the item from the list and click Delete.If the Allowed Referer List is empty, the CSRF feature stops working and the system becomes insecure.
  4. After changing the Allowed Referer list, restart the server.