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AEM Eclipse Plugin - Importing Existing Maven Projects into Eclipse, Need help


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Hello Everyone,

I saw the Demo of the new AEM plugin for Eclipse. I want to import an existing maven project into eclipse and want to utilize the AEM plugin. 

the AEM Plugin works fine when I use the Maven Archetype specified in the demo but not when I import my existing Maven project into Eclipse. FYI, I've customized the Project structure and POMs.

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Have you made sure to make your maven project into a Bundle or Content Project? To do this you need to right click on your project folder>Configure>Convert to Bundle/Content Project.

Are you getting any errors? Any other information you can give?

If you haven't seen this session yet, I would highly recommend it.


Level 3

Thanks for the reply. I figured it out the problem and solution :)

there were few eclipse plugin related issue..