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What is the difference between "CQ-Action: Activate", "CQ-Action: Deactivate", "CQ-Action: Delete" while sending a Curl request to dispatcher to invalidate the cache?


Is there any API that lists down these methods?


Which action should be used if I simply want to touch the statsfile for the payload?


This documentation is a bit confusing as it states that the dispatcher deletes files on "CQ-Action: Activate". And the Curl Commands documentation states that "CQ-Action: Activate" is used to invalidate the cache. For evicting cache, "CQ-Action: Deactivate" is used.




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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @Rampai94 ,


This documentation has really good explanation:


If this doesn't help, Can you please explain your scenario in a bit more detail please.

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Answers (2)




These actions define the ReplicationActionType :

  • ACTIVATE: Invalidates the cached files opposed to deleting
  • DELETE: Deletes the cached files opposed to invalidating


And used for Dispatcher Flush agents and specify elements that must be flushed.

For a Dispatcher Flush agent the three standard entries should not need changing:

  • CQ-Action:{action}
  • CQ-Handle:{path}
  • CQ-Path:{path}

These are used, as appropriate, to indicate the action to be used when flushing the handle or path. The sub-parameters are dynamic:

  • {action} indicates a replication action
  • {path} indicates a path

They are substituted by the path/action relevant to the request and therefore do not need to be “hardcoded”:



If you have installed AEM in a context other than the recommended default context, then you will need to register the context in the HTTP Headers. For example:




Content paths can either be invalidated or flushed from the AEM Dispatcher cache.

AEM Dispatcher behavior - invalidate performs a cache invalidation, similar to when content is activated from author to publish (CQ-Action: Activate, CQ-Action: Deactivate) flush performs a cache deletion (CQ-Action: Delete).
In general, the use of the invalidate action is preferable but there may be cases where flushing is required, especially when using AEM HTML Client Libraries.