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Apache and Dispatcher configuration and testing

This section describes how to structure the AEM as a Cloud Service Apache and Dispatcher configurations, as well as how to validate and run it locally before deploying to Cloud environments. It also describes debugging in Cloud environments. For additional information about Dispatcher, see the AEM Dispatcher documentation.

Dispatcher Tools
The Dispatcher Tools are part of the overall AEM as a Cloud Service SDK and provide:
1. A vanilla file structure containing the configuration files to include in a maven project for dispatcher;
2. Tooling for customers to validate a dispatcher configuration locally;
3. A Docker image that brings up the dispatcher locally.

Downloading and extracting the Tools
The Dispatcher Tools can be downloaded from a zip file at the Software Distribution portal . Note that access to the SDK listings is limited to those with AEM Managed Services or AEM as a Cloud Service environments. Any new configuration available in that new dispatcher Tools version can be used to deploy to Cloud environments running that version of AEM in the Cloud or higher.

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AEM - Dispatcher in the Cloud


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