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AEM Dispatcher flush with sling mappings


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We have sling mappings for our content like /content/sitea/xx == /xx and /content/siteb/yy ==yy. When we flush cache of any page under sitea or siteb entire cache of sitea or siteb is getting flushed instead of just one page. I read this article  

" https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1082213"and tried to implement different methods mentioned in this but most of them works only if you have one site. We are dealing with this situation for a while but it didn't impact us because we do not have many pages but we have to make it work now because we need to apply this mappings to images also. 

Can you please help me if any one saw this situation and resolved at their end.



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 I am checking with internal people


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Yeah if you have multiple sites then one solution for flushing only the correct site is the configure a separate flush agent for each site.  
Let’s say you have siteA and siteB.  Then you would do the following:
  1. Create a flush agent for siteA and a separate one for siteB
  2. Go to /useradmin tool UI
  3. Create a user for each flush agent (e.g. siteA-user and siteB-user)
  4. Grant each user read access to its own site (e.g. siteA-user should have read access to /content/siteA, siteB-user should have read access to /content/siteB and both users should have read access to /etc/designs and /etc/clientlibs)
  5. In each flush agent, configure its corresponding user id in the "Agent User Id" field
  6. Now each flush agent will only flush its own files