AEM Dispatcher considers sitemap as vanity URL



We have sitemap configured as 


This is working as expected in the publisher. However while accessing from dispatcher, see the following the dispatcher log

Unable to fetch vanity URLs from [ip-address]:4503/libs/granite/dispatcher/content/vanityUrls.html: remote server returned: HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found

[Thu Sep 10 21:37:51 2020] [I] [pid 79557] "GET /[path-to-en]/en/sitemap.xml" ! - 9ms [publishfarm/-]

It seems like the sitemap is treated as vanity URL. Any thoughts on how to prevent this?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




@tatvam thank you for helping the community grow. Are you using Vanity URLs in your project?


If yes you have to enable access to Vanity URL via dispatcher by following below helps Adobe doc:


If you project/client not using or planning to use AEM Vanity URL then simply remove that section from publish farm.


When you enable this Vanity urls in dispatcher (yes in most cases) dispatcher will periodically checks the Vanity service hosted in aem publishers to get latest vanities and will apply to incoming requests. It is an expected behavior.


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