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Hi All,

I have a composite component which has a parsys in which i can add or remove an already added component. now i have a use case as i add a component in that parsys, page should get referesh as i add a component in tab it create a respective tab in header. i just don't want to add listner to child element , just want to add event listner to composite component so if i drop any component in it that listner will kick off and page should get refresh?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @ajinkayk6258253 


    I am not sure if I understood your problem correctly. But what I understood in simple words is that you want the page to refresh as soon as you make any change in the component !! 🤔 . If Yes, then may be you are looking for a cq:listeners node. Please refer here. The 

afteredit --> REFRESH_PAGE  (property -->value)

 on this node will refresh the page as soon as te dialog is submitted after content edit.




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