AEM Creative Cloud Integration ISSUE




Hi Team,

While Integrating AEM with Creative Cloud i am getting below error-

I have followed the exact steps as documented in the link

"…/configure-assets-cc-integration.h…" to establish integration, to sync assets with AEM, marketing cloud and creative cloud.

But when i test the connection of the replication agents, i get the below errors

* Reference to access token provider is using deprecated accessTokenProviderPid, use accessTokenProviderName instead.

*Failed to get an access token for user

*Response: 401 Unauthorized

Appreciate your help on this. Thanks!!

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Asset Link and creative cloud integration are two different ways of accessing the assets and we should not be confusing them with each other.

Using Asset Link - You can access the Assets from AEM instance

Using CC - You can share assets with other applications like Adobe Campaign,Target

Looking at the error, it looks like something is wrong with the setup. I have faced a similar issue in the past and reconfiguring from the scratch resolved the issue.

Few things to check:

- Make sure you select dam-read, dam-sync, dam-write, and cc-share."

- Check if the public key is copied from the same instance where sync is enabled and it is copied without any space.



Hi Jaideep,

It worked after creating the configuration again.

I have one more query can we edit the assets in creative cloud once assets are synced from aem dam.

Like i have uploaded a asset in dam and published to creative cloud now assets are available on creative cloud but can we edit those assets in creative cloud?

Do we need any specific permission and what all options will be available for editing.