AEM Core WCM Components 2.8.0 , cq/cloudconfig/components/scripttags/header && footer



Hello, I'm attempting to create my own page component. I am overlaying core/wcm/components/page/v2/page. I found two lines of cloud configuration code, and a bit confused as what they are actually doing.

I am seeing these two lines of Sightly Includes:

path: /apps/core/wcm/components/page/v2/page/headlibs.html
<sly data-sly-test="${hasCloudconfigSupport}" data-sly-resource="${'cloudconfig-header' @ resourceType='cq/cloudconfig/components/scripttags/header'}"></sly>

path: /apps/core/wcm/components/page/v2/page/footer.html
<sly data-sly-test="${page.hasCloudconfigSupport}" data-sly-resource="${'cloudconfig-footer' @ resourceType='cq/cloudconfig/components/scripttags/footer'}"></sly>

I've already checked out the cloud service configuration documentation, and found nothing.

Questions I have:

  1. What does the scripttags/header solve?
  2. What does the scripttags/footer solve?

Thank you.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




It has to do with resolving context-aware configuration stuff. 


It's using an underlying service user cloudconfig-scripttags with jcr:read permissions to read the ScriptTagComponents from all cloud services.