AEM Content Migration and Pages Creation



Hi all, Let us say we are migrating content from an external system to AEM. First I would create templates, workflows and components in AEM. Then I migrate the content to AEM JCR. Now, my question is regarding creating AEM pages using the migrated content. Does this have to be done manually necessarily? Or Migration automation script could be extended to create AEM pages using the templates, dropping components on to the pages and configuring them? It is like automation script executing what normally a content author would do manually. Appreciate your support. Thanks, Rama.

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Hi all, Let us say the AEM page has 2 text boxes, 5 images and 3 videos. After extraction, we have an XML file for Transformation and Loading. And after loading, we will have these 2+5+3 assets sitting in JCR. When I create this page programmatically, I could use PageManager APIs and select the AEM template. Now, my question is how to link the 2 text boxes, 5 images and 3 videos to the artifacts in JCR? How could I put this mapping in the program? Appreciate your responses. Thanks, Rama.