AEM Component with drop-down values coming from data source. Need to send the payload/pagepath when clicked on the dialog

adithyaa6344757 08-01-2019


I have a dialog with drop-down values coming from data source. As it is used across the site I need to get the "page path" when I click on the dialog.

So is there a way to send the page path/payload when clicked on the dialog.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Are you able to get workflow instance in Java? if yes then you can read payload from there when you access from inbox.

Otherwise do with javascript

1. you can read data-payload-link attribute and fetch payload part using path



2. on dialog load you can read this and make an ajax request to pull dropdown option and create dropdown using javascript.

Answers (4)

Answers (4)

adithyaa6344757 09-01-2019

Hello Arun,

In workflow participant step I wanted to show list of Approvers. The approver list  will change based on the payload (page) belongs to which site(site based approvers).I am getting the approvers list form the custom AEM user Group through a data source populated as drop down.

When I am opening the payload and  try to complete the workflow step, I am getting the current page path by using

Enumeration values = getRequest().getHeaders(REFERER);

if (values != null)


   while (values.hasMoreElements())

  { pagePath = (String) values.nextElement();



But when I am trying to complete the workflow step directly from AEM Inbox, then I am not getting any information about the payload in the data source code because the page path as localhost:4502/aem/inbox.

I am trying to achieve the above



You can get the page path inside dialog or send to datasource. But I didn't understand when and where you need page path. Could you please explain in detail?