AEM Communities Publisher Configuration effects




According to the Adobe docs on Communities Deploying Communities​, "When the deployment chosen is a publish farm, then one AEM publish instance must be identified as the primary publisher".

What is the implication of disabling the default enabled checkbox on a production publisher? We have for instance several scheduled jobs running. Is there any risk?



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Accepted Solutions (1)




The point of identifying a primary publisher is to have a single Publisher handler things like sending notifications to users or analytics info to Adobe Analytics (if used).

For example : if you leave all publish instances as primary and a community member sends another community member an inbox notification then when SCD sync's the data between publish instances each publish will send a notification. This isn't really desirable so you assign a single Publish to handle these tasks.

In regards to the implication of disabling this, you should. If you have 4 aem publish instances synchronizing data via sling content distribution you only want a single one of those publishes enabled as primary, the other 3 should have that property unchecked

hope that helps