AEM Assets performance issues due to that renditions are not creating in 6.4



Hi All,

We are trying to upload video asset size greater than 500MB to DAM, it works fine if asset size is less that 500MB.

whereas if we upload asset sizes like 1 or 1.5 or 3.5 less than 5GB it takes more time to upload and most of the time it fails to

create renditions. Post uploading video asset with greater than 500mb if we upload any small image with lesser size, even for it

renditions are not creating.

We observed that, for the previous uploaded video workflow is in processing state and it takes sometime to process all the renditions and metadata.

Once this workflow completes than all other uploads works fine.

Is there any workarounds to resolve this issue? apart from this Common critical AEM issues

How we can decrease the upload speed to DAM?


Teja G

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