AEM Applying CSS and JS difficulty

Karl515 07-12-2018

Ok so I've been following this series

Getting Started with AEM Sites Chapter 3 - Client-Side Libraries and Responsive Grid

and I can't get part 3 to work. after the clean install. nothing happens to my page.

I can see that my files were successfully install in crx but don't know why it's not working(affecting my page).

I'm still in the process of understanding how aem integrate it's css to it's page.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Karl515 10-12-2018

I see!. Thanks!

it's a maven create clientlibs and it states nt:folder. Is there a way to edit this? cuz AEM Tutorials said the it's recommended to created a project from a maven architecture and it generates nt:folder clientlibs

Answers (8)

Answers (8)

Ravi_Pampana 10-12-2018

Can you check whether you are adding categories property to node having




You can refer to OOB clientlibs in AEM 6.4 /libs/clientlibs/granite/backbone and make changes similar to it

Screenshot of above mentioned folder

Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 7.45.20 PM.png



I tried to create project using above and I can see the ClientLibs folder ClientLibs-base.

Screenshot 2018-12-11 at 4.56.49 PM.png

To get other clientlibs you need to install anther package

  • The AEM project archetype creates /apps/clientlibs/clientlib-base automatically. The below zip includes the source for the additional client libraries:
    • clientlib-author
    • clientlib-dependencies
    • clientlib-site

Karl515 10-12-2018

the tutorial introduced another way which is processor. But what is the proper way to do it? the AEM way?

What I've understand so far.

     UI.apps - goes in apps

     UI.content - goes in conf.

     Client libs holds the css/js files for neatness(but we can also do it the old fashion way.)

     you need to add something in the node properties for it to connect.

     But what is missing in the series tutorial that it's not working smacdonald2008

     need your help Sir

Crap AEM is nightmare especially when tutorials are not working