AEM 6.5 Solr integration issue with Solr 8.x



I run AEM 6.5 with oak index that works just fine with Solr 7.x and 6.x.  When I try to index AEM into Solr 8.x it seem to populate the index but when I query in Solr console it does not return any results.  Please help me to find out why this happens and whether AEM 6.5 support Solr 8.x.  Thanks so much in advance.  --Nathan.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Nathan,


AEM does not support Solr 8x for oak indexes due to non-backwards compatible schema changes. The crux is the underlying version of Lucene used within AEM (4.7.1).

AEM 6.5.6 actually uses Solr 6.6.6 [1][2] -- which may work with 7.x Solr in a limited way.


If you're using Solr as an SRP (Storage Resource Provider) in conjunction with Mongo then you should be able to use whatever you want. 


[1] --

[2] --


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