AEM 6.5 Kafka Streams (org.apache.kafka) Package cannot be resolved



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I am trying to integrate my local AEM 6.5 instance to a Kafka instance running on confluent cloud. I have written a servlet that uses Kafka Streams to connect to Kafka instance. Now when I am trying to deploy the servlet in my local AEM, the kafka packages are showing as 'cannot be resolved' in system console bundles. The dependency is added in pom file and maven code build runs fine with no issues. Any pointers or suggestions on how to resolve this?



AEM 6.5 bundle Kafka

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @himanshus181219 

After adding maven dependency, please verify the <Embed-Dependency> tag of maven-bundle-plugin [You can either include all the dependencies or you can configure to not include specific ones]. The scope attribute lets you configure which dependency jars you want to include based on their include scope. You should not include the dependencies which are only needed for compile and for the test.

Below is the example to add the kafka-streams & kafka-clients to the embed dependency in your core pom.xml.




Arpit Varshney