AEM 6.5 : How to add customization after selecting particular workflow to run ?



Hi All,


Got one requirement to add below customization if we select a particular custom workflow (e.g. Test workflow) for page as well as assets.

  • One path brower to select a path 
  • One text field


How can we add customization to get those two field after selecting a particular workflow from dropdown.


Can you please help me to achieve this functionality.


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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi @malaya_ranjand4 ,

I think that your requirement can be achieved in a very good way by using the Dialog Participant Steps.


In order to satisfy your requirement you need to:

1. Create a dialog which contains the element that you want to propose when the editor run the workflow

2. Open your workflow model

3. Add a Dialog Participant Step and configure it with the dialog created in 1.

4. Add the new data in order to be forwarded to the other steps


You can find in [0] an example on how to do this.






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Answers (4)



Hi @malaya_ranjand4 ,


Can you brief your requirement that why you want to add these fields,

Instead of adding these field, you can achieve it by reading properties in the workflow implementation class.

Your requirement will lead to affect the structure of the workflow dialog. 

You can also see Dialog participant step here


Happy Coding 🙂





You can try using variables in your workflow, and then add a Process Step to your workflow to use that information.

The following docs may be helpful:


If the values are selected just on front-end, you can create a JS code that reads the values from those selected fields and send it to your backend code(using xhr or FetchAPI) to set some variables, that then can be used in your Workflow.



I hope these help !!




This link will be helpful


You can overlay this node


and then make the changes according to the requirement.  write a script to hide/show the fields according to the selection.