AEM 6.5 -> Scene7 - Asset Migration



We have been using AEM (6.5) for a number of years now with a large number of DAM assets. Now we want to leverage Dynamic Media (Scene7) capabilities and need to migrate the exisitng assets on AEM author to Scene7.

Some assets are currently published while a lot a unpublished atm.

Wondering what the best way to migrate the assets from Author to Scene7 while:

1) Keeping the author running - not to create too much load on the author so that its always responsive.

2) Migrate the assets with their respective statues  - published / unpublished to preview / image server on Scene7

Any advice on how to do this?



Answers (1)

Answers (1)



You need to integrate AEM with Scene7 (Dynamic Media) from Tools> Cloud Configurations> Dynamic Media.


Keep the dropdown "Publish Assets" set to"Upon Activation". You can initiate the OOTB DAM Update Asset Workflow to push the assets to Scene7 in their current state.