AEM 6.5: experience fragments linking Issue



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Need input on the following issue.

Issue: Experience Fragments links on the LiveCopy is not being updated based on the locale language.

Site Structure:

Blueprint page -  /content/my-site/en-US/content-page1

Livecopy page  - /content/my-site/es_ES/content-page1

Experience Fragment Structure:

Main - /content/experience-fragments/my-site/en_US/ef-level1/ef-level2

Language Copy - /content/experience-fragments/my-site/es_ES/ef-level1/ef-level2 


Now on the Buleprint page (/content/my-site/en-US/content-page1) we have used 'en_US' experience fragment.

After rollout, when we check the livecopy page (/content/my-site/es_ES/content-page1), we're still seeing 'en_US' experience fragment reference not the 'es_ES'.


This is similar to the issue posted on the community already for AEM 6.3 version AEM 6.3: experience fragments linking. Has this been addressed with AEM6.5 by chance?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Did some testing out of the box(6.5) and this is working as expected. Below are the steps performed.

  1. Created a new experience fragment inside folder /content/experience-fragments/en/
  2. Created a new site page either under /content/we-retail/language-masters/en or /content/we-retail/us/en
  3. Added the experience fragment in the same page
  4. Now create a project either through reference panel or through projects UI
  5. Start the translation, accept it
  6. The experience fragment gets translated.( Please make sure that experience fragment is not already translated).

Other things to check:


- AEM will not translate XF created using "convert to XF" feature.

- Try to create a new XF and page as mentioned above and check

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