AEM 6.5 Documents for Download.



We are developing a OSGI module that uses a SlingRequest as input. 


We have no issues with the input. These are uploaded documents by authenticated users.

The  module will use various document services to generate a new document.



Is there any sample document/website on how these documents can be stored in the JCR, to be available for the user for download?

How do we generate a URL that we can return through the SlingResponse for the user to use as a link access the document?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @Eric_Stricker,

So if I've understood, you want to:

  1. Create documents programatically
  2. Provide a download link to a user
  3. Store that document long-term

If that's the case, then the simplest solution I can think of is to use the DAM 🙂 You can run your business logic to create a document (a PDF for example) and then store it as a DAM asset using the AssetManager API (javadoc here). Once you have stored the asset, you can simply send a link pointing to its location in the DAM. If you want to share the asset with non-authorized users, you can use the Asset Link Sharing feature.

Does all of that answer your requirements?

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