AEM 6.5 ContextHub /etc/cloudsettings.kernel.js/conf/<project>/cloudsettings/<xxx>/contexthub throwing 404 (not found) error



Hi, I’m seeing 404 error thrown for the following file while loading it on a Publish instance (no dispatcher; loading via IP):



This file can be loaded successfully on Author and on Publish when signed in with an Admin account. Hence I’m wondering if it could be “Anonymous” user permission issue?


Root content page has been set up with the following page properties value:

  • Advanced tab >> Cloud Configuration = /conf/<project>
  • Personalization tab >> ContextHub Path = /conf/<project>/settings/cloudsettings/<xxx>/contexthub
  • Personalization tab >> Segments Path = /conf/<project>/settings/wcm/segments


Appreciate if anyone can help.

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