AEM 6.5 asset rendering issue



Hi Team,


We have upgraded AEM from 6.4 to 6.5. We have a set of assets (PDF) created dynamically. While dynamic creation, there is no extension added to the node. Example a pdf will be created like a node "English" and can be accessed using the node "/content/dam/project/pdf/English". Asset type is set to : application/pdf. When accessed from dam the PDFs opened in 6.4 in all browsers.

However in 6.5 with service pack the pdfs are not rendering only in chrome and bytecode, metadata is displayed in browser.
Are there any changes or configurations which need to be taken care of. Any pointers will be helpful
Thanks in advance!

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Accepted Solutions (1)


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The solution mentioned by Tabassum:

The issue was found to be in a dependent project which had a module for updating assets. The concerned team is working on it.
It is not a AEM 6.5 issue.



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Answers (2)



It is possible Chrome would be expecting some headers that is missing in 6.5 vs 6.4. You might want to scan the response headers in 6.4 vs 6.5 and find if something might be missing.






Are you able to open pdf in another browser? If yes, can you  download that pfd and try to open in Chrome?

Do you have any extension that could interfere with Chrome?

Can you try in incognito mode?