AEM 6.5 Asset download issue( Possibly a bug)



I was trying to download an asset folder from content DAM to my local. When i tried to look at the files( the downloaded file sub folders names are messed up

actual name /content/dam/folder/subfolder 

downloaded name /content/dam/folder/Subfolder with a capital S instead of a lower case s.


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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi @AEMnewbie 


Whenever we download asset from content DAM, the folder names inside that package will have/refer to "Title" of that folder not the "Name"( which appears in content DAM path /content/dam/name ). it is expected behavior/working not a BUG.


Created sub folders with different Title as highlighted below.





Sub folder with "Title" 






Downloaded Asset package having Title i.e. "SubFolder2" as sub folder name not "subfolder2" as expected.






@ManjunathhI did notice that .. But AEM assets are not located by Title right ...Let me state it with the. example here .. Like i stated it my my question the issue is the assets are downloaded by Title and not with its actual Name... The main problem is when we upload those assets back to another instance it creates the file with Title name ...But the AEM assets are not traversed by Title name correct ..


The issue i am facing ..I had some assets corrupted in one AEM instance, so i was trying to reload it from another instance .

So started with downloading assets and copied it back to the corrupted instance

Actual behavior 

they should be one path in the corrupted instance


But since the downloaded files were created with /content/folder/Subfolder it created two paths


/content/folder/subfolder  .I have tons of references for those assets ..Now we an additional overhead to address that .

So my question is when we try to locate any asset in AEM we locate it by its name and not title. So why does the OOTB AEM is to downloading assets by Title name? Because we dont use TITLE NAME to look for an asset path we just its actual name .  This would really name sense if the path of the asset is determined by its Title name. Not otherwise



Can you please mention the steps which you are following to add the corrupted image back from one AEM instance to another instance where its corrupted. it will be helpful to understand / reproduce the issue which you are facing.


so, whenever there is some asset corrupted/deleted accidently then try to reload that asset back by asset versioning first, if asset versioning is corrupted then create new package in package manager of AEM instance(ex: publisher instance has original image & author instance image got corrupted ) where you have original asset, apply filters to add root path of that asset where its located. build the package, download & install it on AEM instance where image is corrupted. this will resolve the issue & all the pages where this asset is referenced will not be lost.


@Manjunathh I deactivated the assets first so there is. no traces of it in the publisher.

Hi @AEMnewbie


Ok if these assets are not there in publisher instance then from where/which instance have you downloaded the original asset or have you downloaded these asset from DAM as backup form author instance before these assets got corrupted? if "yes" please add the detail steps which you are following to upload those backup assets with folder back to author instance & will be helpful to understand/reproduce the issue which you are facing.

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