AEM 6.4 Touch UI Parsys disappeared



Hey all,

I've encountered a weird issue on 4 separate templates that I use. I have several parsys set up so our editors can add text fields/images etc. As far as I can tell, no changes have been made to these templates in awhile. I'm trying to just out of the box AEM functions as well.

<div class="header__subtitle" data-sly-resource="${'header-text' @ resourceType='foundation/components/parsys'}">


<div class="body__lead summary" data-sly-resource="${'body-lead' @ resourceType='foundation/components/parsys'}">


        <div class="body__main">

            <div data-sly-resource="${'body-paragraph' @ resourceType='foundation/components/parsys'}">



<div class="body__form">

            <h3 class="body__form__header">Request an Appointment Today!</h3>

            <div data-sly-resource="${'body-form' @ resourceType='foundation/components/parsys'}"></div>


These all worked perfectly until a day or two ago. Suddenly all these parsys have disappeared. The lines are very tiny, there is no drag components here option. I can click on them to add a text component, but when I do that nothing shows up. Refreshing the page does nothing but checking through crx/de I can see that the text was added properly. They are taking the width of their parent div as expected, but they seem to have lost the height. The existing components are still there and are registering with the correct dimensions. I would think that it could be some minor change to a css class, but this happened in many different templates and they are all doing this. In total, there are 5 parsys to the page and all 5 have shrunk and do not do anything when you add something to them.

I checked the logs/console and I don't see anything super telling. Can someone tell me where to start to troubleshoot this? Heres what they look like.


Heres the config from crx/de. The text is showing up but all the other text_ are nowhere to be found


and lastly, the parsys component itself.  all of them have the same sling:resourceType


Thanks for the help with this!

Answers (4)

Answers (4)



One other thing that may help. I went into crx/de and added a Text property to one of those text boxes that aren't showing up, and I was able to get that to show up. It styled correctly, and was okay. Then when I tried to delete it I got this message in the console. Adding a new text component did not show this message.

core.min.js:4220 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'sling:resourceType' of undefined

    at new a.history.actions.DeleteParagraph (core.min.js:4220)

    at n (core.min.js:5794)

    at l (core.min.js:7234)

    at Object.k [as doBulkOperation] (core.min.js:7240)

    at Object.<anonymous> (core.min.js:5801)

    at Object.<anonymous> (jquery.min.js:832)

    at cd (jquery.min.js:786)

    at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (jquery.min.js:819)

    at Object.i.(anonymous function) [as resolve] (

    at l (core.min.js:7239)



Thanks Prince! I included this statement in my head.html and it appears to have fixed it.

<sly data-sly-include="/libs/wcm/core/components/init/init.jsp" />