AEM 6.4 Multifield ondragleave event is not working.

toimrank 22-01-2019

In AEM 6.0 ondragleave event gets fired once we change the position of multifield items.

This thing is not workin in AEM 6.4.

Can someone please let me know we do have any other event apart from onmouseleave.

Thanks in advance.

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Answers (4)


Refer to Coral.DragAction:events -

Documentation | CoralUI

  1. coral-dragaction:dragstart
  2. coral-dragaction:drag
  3. coral-dragaction:dragenter
  4. coral-dragaction:dragover (multiple times)
  5. coral-dragaction:drop
  6. coral-dragaction:dragleave
  7. coral-dragaction:dragend

ondragleave was used for ext.js