AEM 6.4 metadata import not working for fields without namespace.



I have created one custom metadata (say: myCustomMetadataSchema) in which I mapped one of my text field to custom property as : ./jcr:content/metadata/myCustomField

It can be seen that this field myCustomField is not having any namepsace like jcr, dam, iptc, at cetera.

Now when I export the metadata of assets (as shown below) from a folder on which myCustomMetadataSchema is applied


I get all the data as expected, even those fields which are not having any namespace with them.

But when I upload the excel file to update the above mentioned property ./jcr:content/metadata/myCustomField The importer fails to update this field in asset.

The only reason I think possible is that because this asset is not having any namespace mapped to it. If I change this metadata schema field to have some namespace let say: ./jcr:content/metadata/dam:myCustomField

Then the importer is able to make change to the filed on asset.

Can somebody please let me know :

  • Is this is a bug in the metadata importer?
  • If this is not bug then is it mandatory (I am not using word "recommended") to have namespace associated with properties, If Yes then the map to property field in Metadata schema editor must have a validation of such kind while creating or editing metadata schema.

Please let me know if something can be done regarding this other than applying namespace to the field.



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Accepted Solutions (1)





Yes, it is a bug with the internal reference number is CQ-4269445 which is backported to 6.4 via NPR-29425 released in

Please test the Sp5 and see how it goes.



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