AEM 6.4 - JWT Token verification for anonymous users.



Hello All,

What is the recommeneded way to achieve the below scenarios in a public site (no login) where all content is public by default.

My AEM publisher (AEM assets) is basically a repository of contents (content fragments to be precise). There will be multiple channels (a mobile app, another website etc) that will use these contents. I would like to expose/provide only the content intended for specific channels (the content for each channel could be in designated folders). Each channel will have a particular token/channel id and this id will be used for channel identification.

Basically I am trying to have an additional authorization done on anonymous users.  I tried using authentication handlers , but the problem here is how will I handle exception/access denied scenarios. I want the responses to be part of the response and dont want redirects.

I don't prefer to have a login page to be shown. Its just a server -server registration and one time token exchange.

Is this achievable with AEM. Should AEM be considered for these kind of requirements?. Has someone ever tried this kind of solutioning?

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