[AEM] 6.4 -> 6.5 Upgrade Issue



Hi everyone!

We're in process of upgrading environments as well as code base to support AEM 6.5.

When I install our project's bundles which use uber-jar 6.5.0 (either apis or apis-with-deprecations type) to a clean AEM 6.5 instance somehow authoring UI of SPA pages appears to be broken: I cannot change edit mode while on a page and Content Finder control is hidden. However all the bundles are in active state, I see no errors in error.log as well as browser's console.

Nevertheless, if I'd change uber-jar back to 6.4.3 everything works fine.

Could anyone give me a hint on that?

Thanks in advance!

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Accepted Solutions (1)



I've managed to solve the issue.

The reason was that we didn't update npm dependencies @adobe/cq-spa-page-model-manager & @adobe/cq-react-editable-components up to latest. This caused SPA Editor fail to make essential ".model.json" calls and thus authoring UI seemed broken.

Thanks everyone.

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Answers (6)




Does this affect only a single instance of your SPA on AEM 6.5 or are more than one (potentially all?) SPAs affected?

In any way, if you follow the documented procedure and it doesn't work, I would raise a ticket with support. Maybe the documentation is not up to date?

I am not a frontend guy, sorry 😕




Thank you for the reply.

It turns out I got a clue.

As per the Adobe's SPA Editor doc we should include meta resource properties that describe the SPA content:

<meta property="cq:datatype" data-sly-test="${wcmmode.edit || wcmmode.preview}" content="JSON"/>

So it works great for us with AEM 6.4.3, however with AEM 6.5 every page that has such meta property gets broken: we're unable to switch edit modes and to invoke Content Finder.

If we remove this meta property the problem gets fixed, though page components remain unavailable for edit.




with SPAs it can be problematic, especially if you rely on undocumented and/or undefined behavior of the UI (which can occur quite often, considering the complexity of both the product frontend plus your SPA and its frameworks on top).

I am not aware of any good shortcut to debug such a situation (I am not a frontend dev), but have to recommend to choose the old-style way of debugging.