AEM 6.4 Groups permission Migration




I am supposed to migrate groups with permissions from one AEM instance to another. Are there any other tested alternatives for the same apart from ACS ACL Packager? The ACS tool does not seem effective and seems to be missing out a few permissions on the destination AEM instance. Please note that these groups are all custom.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)





You can do it with the help of PackageManager.

1. First of all, You need to write some XPATH queries (or else you can choose SQL, SQL-2 whichever suits you).

2. With the help of the queries, you can find the custom group present inside the CRXDE.

3. Get those all the paths found in the result by verifying all the nodes and use the same path inside the filter section of the Package Manager.

4. Creating a package is the easiest way to migrate your users from one instance to another one, also you get a chance to verify the details about all the nodes like rep:policies which are very important while migrating contents.


Hope this will help you 🙂 .