AEM 6.4 : Exposing API - Server to server



Hello All,  I have a use case where I am trying to expose various assets (using content fragments) as JSON apis to multiple channels. I am using AEM assets. My AEM assets Publisher will host various end-points ready to be consumed by different channels.

My plan is to register various channels with my system and give each channels a token . At the time of registration the scope of access also will be determined(Still figuring out how) My AEM servers and the channels will be in intranet and to me, Oauth 2-legged flow seemed to be a good fit for my use -case. Unfortunately AEM is not supporting 2-legged flow - Confirmed by me and tanya(AEM 6.4 - Oauth 2 legged authorization ).

Has anyone ever tried a use case similar to above.? . Any guidance will be highly appreciated.



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