AEM 6.4 DAM asset timeline is erroring out





While accessing the timeline for a DAM asset it is erroring out after a while and I see the below Index-traversed issue and if you see it is using the cqPayloadPath index and can you please let me know how to go about this. Thanks for your time.

11.02.2020 00:43:57.147 *WARN* [ [1581381786872] GET /mnt/overlay/dam/gui/content/assetdetails/jcr:content/rails/timeline/items/timeline.html HTTP/1.1] Index-Traversed 350000 nodes (1070640 index entries) using index cqPayloadPath with filter Filter(query=SELECT * FROM [cq:Payload] AS payload WHERE (payload.path = '/content/dam/tenant/photos/studio/by-year/2017/hh17/hw.psd' OR payload.path = '/content/dam/tenant/photos/studio/by-year/2017/hh17/hw.psd/jcr:content' OR payload.path LIKE '/content/dam/tenant/photos/studio/by-year/2017/hh17/hw.psd/jcr:content/%' OR payload.path LIKE '/etc/workflow/packages/%' OR payload.path LIKE '/var/workflow/packages/%'), path=*, property=[path=[is not null]])





DAM timeline AEM 6.4

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




This is logged as a Bug internally as other customers have faced the same issue. GRANITE-28723 is the internal bug ID. 


You can use the following workarounds till the issue is officially fixed:


- Run workflow purge more often to reduce the number of nodes.


- Increase the Query limit to let the query complete. Default query limit is 100000. So, a query that traverses more than 100000 nodes will be stopped by AEM

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