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In AEM 6.4.3, We are running automation script, and when we access a page directly on the browser to create "new page under that path", we are noticing that new page dropdown is completely disabled. We are seeing similar behavior on we-retail pages, for example (http://localhost:4502/siteadmin#/editor.html/content/we-retail/us/en/men.html). That new page dropdown becomes "enabled again only when I select some hierarchy on the left side or any pages on the right side". but since I will be calling the page directly from an automation script, we cannot touch the site admin. This used to work on 6.3. How can we get this working in 6.4.3?

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Accepted Solutions (1)



I am seeing the New Page show up. Click on We Retail and then try. You should see New Page enabled as shown below.

2nd - to everyone reading this. In 6.4 - Classic UI is depreciated. I talked with the Team team and they recommend that everyone on 6.4 - you should be using TOUCH UI to perform operations like Creating new pages.


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Answers (7)




This is an issue with the very initial loading of the SiteAdmin. Once you start navigating in the left tree, the actions button are properly updated.

I guess the sample URL you provided had a mistake, and the real one to test would be without the editor.html:


This is really impacting when using automated unit tests, like with Selenium, and you could probably add some navigate and select steps to work-around the problem.

But the issue can be fixed by adding one single line to this file:


1436                            } catch (e) {

1437                                //console.log("error:" + e);

1438                            }

1439                        }


1440                        admin.unmask();

1441                    }

1442                });

1443            },

It is not recommended to make any change directly under "/libs", so you need to implement this within an overlay (overlaying SiteAdmin.js under /apps).




Correct. Look out for errors/warnings. I don't think this is a showstopper, you could still move the root page from /crx/de or find another workaround.

AEM 6.4.3

core components 2.2.2

acs commons 3.19

acs tools 1.0.2




Hi Gaurav,

1. I have tested this on a vanilla 6.4 instance with 6.4.3 service pack only, nothing else (no custom code). Still same issue.

2. When you hit this page in your browser http://localhost:4502/siteadmin#/content , just click on new page dropdown(don't click anywhere else.) Does this scenario work for you? I have tried on different machines, every time seeing the same issue.

3. We have only service pack 6.4.3. Seeing the same issue even without this service pack i.e on 6.4 vanilla. Can you please confirm your packages on 6.4 vanilla?




works for me on 6.4.3.  If it doesn't work for you, then there must be some error in console log or error.log/conflicts due to your code customization.

You may validate it on a fresh instance.