AEM 6.3 touch ui dam search with wildcard* in page for authoring

srinivas_chann1 05-11-2019


I have few questions below on dam assets how we could find on pages in touch ui

1. I see an image like below when i mention full name of the image it appears but when i give *.png it does not show .What should we do show all png in the list



2. How to get the latest upload the images at the top of the list .So that authors can pick them easily


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Accepted Solutions (1)


Hi srinivas,

1. The search criteria is a "contains" criteria, not a regex, so to find all the assets containing ".png", you should simply put .png in the field. Here is an example of me searching for all JPGs in my assets:

Peek 2019-11-08 20-30.gif

2. As JaideepBrar​ says, the latest assets should appear at the top of the list already. Here is the explanation:

Following the example above, the request that is sent to filter the results is the following:


The green part above when decoded is the following: order:"-jcr:content/jcr:lastModified". As you can see, the last modified assets should be at the top

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Answers (4)


Hi Srinivas,

That is just the default responsive behavior of the side panel. I Recorded the GIF on a reduced window size so it would be more visible.

Here is what I mean:

Peek 2019-11-10 11-58.gif

srinivas_chann1 09-11-2019

Hi ,

i noticed that in your video the images are coming to right.How to achieve that .In the screen i showed the images come just down of the filer and very difficult to find.

The screen you showed has the images to right and has good look and view



Latest upload always shows up at the top with the "New" tag in the top right corner. Try uploading some assets and test. It shows up on my side.