AEM 6.3 RichText Paraformat (Version 6.3.0 and , ✓ Check Mark in Style



Hi I am facing issue in RichText component rtePlugin : Paraformat,

In AEM Version 6.3.0 if we use rteplugin: paratformat and select any heading type: let suppose <h1> theck check mark is not showing in AEM 6.3.0


Where as we if install service pack (i.e AEM version and same if we enter rteplugin : paraformat to RichText,  and select any style suppose <h2>. we can see the check Icon Infornt of selected style


Did anyone faced the same issue in AEM6.3.0 ?

or please suggest me the solution of the defect. without installing or upr grading to AEM6.3.3.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Looks like this issue was fixed in 6.3 SP2 as per the release notes for SP2

  • [RTE] Style selector dropdown does not show the style applied on the selected text. NPR-21117: Hotfix for CQ-4226608

This issue was fixed in the com.adobe.granite.ui.coralui3-rte version 0.0.32-CQ630-B0009 which was released with SP2

You can install Sp2 for now, but it is highly recommended to install the latest CFP/SP

[1] AEM Release Notes

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Answers (2)





You can try finding the js/css related to code in AEM 6.3.3 under libs which highlights the paraformat selection with check mark and include that in your version of AEM by overriding the files in apps.

Also try finding the difference in html in AEM 6.3.0 and AEM 6.3.3 which gives you idea how to implement check mark