AEM 6.3 | Overlaying Clientlibrary from ACS Commons




I'm working on a requirement to customize Asset Finder interface on page to display only regional assets based on Page URL (wherein the dam has the same hierarchy as content). Though I'm able to overlay the required clientlibrary and override certain JS files from under /libs to /apps (leveraging the 'js.txt' from /libs and not creating it under /apps), I'm unable to do so from /apps/acs-commons to /apps. Apparently the 'Audio' asset finder implementation is provided by ACS Commons.

I have updated 'Resource Search Path' in 'Apache Sling Resource Resolver Factory' configuration to have the following order:

  1. /apps/{project-folder}
  2. /apps
  3. /libs

To verify whether this order is being applied, I successfully overlayed a component from /apps/acs-commons into /apps/{project-folder}. However, this resource resolution doesn't seem to work for clientlibs.

Is my understanding of how clientlibs are overlayed/overridden incorrect, or is there another configuration to provide the resolution order? How can i achieve this customization for Audio without modifying the implementation within /apps/acs-commons?

Let me know if any further context is needed. Appreciate any insights/knowledge nuggets.