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I am having trouble wrapping my head around an issue concerning experience fragments and linking. Let my simplify our setup.

- A blueprint page called 'team' @ '/content/platform-blueprints/company/en/team'

     - Page contains a simple link component that refers to '/content/platform-blueprints/company/en/founder' (lets refer to this as the founder-link-component)

- A rollout LiveCopy page @ '/content/www-company-com/en/team'

     - Page contains a founder-link-component that refers to '/content/www-company-com/en/founder'

As you can see the rollout automatically converted '/content/platform-blueprints/company/en/founder' into '/content/www-company-com/en/founder' as expected. Now lets insert experience fragments.

I want to shift the founder-link-component into an experience fragment because it's reused on multiple pages (outside of the 'team' page). So now I have an experience fragment with a founder-link-component linking to '/content/platform-blueprints/company/en/founder'. I can include the experience fragment in my page @ '/content/platform-blueprints/company/en/team' but things start to get 'annoying' when I open the LiveCopy page: the founder-link-component (from inside the experience fragment) still links to '/content/platform-blueprints/company/en/founder' and NOT to '/content/www-company-com/en/founder'.

Is there any way to make this work or is this just how experience fragments are designed? Thanks in advance!

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Accepted Solutions (1)


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Reply from the team:

It is working as designed as experience fragment itself a reference to page and might be used on multiple pages so on rollout the reference inside an experience fragments cannot be changed.


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Hey @Jdruwe ,


We found the following work around for a similar problem, but it requires a CDN infrastructure that hits and F5 or alike, so that the page can safely redirect.  Our problem was similar, but for region and country specific pages.


The F5 provide geo-targeting to the correct country by providing the experience fragment the external link rather than following the content tree.


(Note; for the following example I have changed out references to our website address with xxxx)


So instead of /content/xxxx/language-masters/en/careers.html

I used


Deleting this section of the external URL /language-masters/en/ means the F5 can pick up the location of the user to ensure they land on the correct page.  Other wise we would have had to change our experience fragments for all pages for 27 countries, equating to 24,000 pages.


You may be able to simply use the external URL instead.



hi ,

I am facing an similar issue . The all page links in my blueprint folder for eg. "/content/company_name/language-masters/en/careers/career-page.html " gets correcty transformed into the respective Live copy link on rollout and Publish like eg. "content/company_name/us/en/careers/career-page.html " or "content/company_name/in/en/careers/career-page.html"

however the links provided in experience-fragments are not getting tranformed . They still point to "/content/experience-fragments/company_name/language-masters/en/careers/exp1.html" .

I have enabled the "Update References accross nested Live Copies" in the System configuaration at

Please suggest another way of achieving this .



Yea that is what we are doing now, creating live copy variations and referring to the LiveCopy pages in those variations. This solution works but is still not really that great, I hope Adobe can fix this.




Thanks for the update. One alternative solution ( or as a workaround), we can create variations out of experience fragment - either as plain or variation itself as Live copy from the master/main fragment and have those variations referred for Live copy pages.

Variation of Fragment - (will have link component referring to the intended link)

Reference: Adobe Experience Manager Help | Using AEM Experience Fragments



I deleted the page in the LiveCopy and triggered a rollout to the LiveCopy again. It did not work, the 'founder-link-component' is still linking to the blueprint page.




Hi Jdruwe,

Can you try to create a new live copy page from the initial blueprint page again.

(could understand live copy page already has experience fragment available with link component in it.)

Not sure of the exact solution Just a try to see if experience fragments respects blueprint-live copy structure or common content to be displayed as is (in the fragment) across multiple pages