AEM 6.3 CUG : Authentication redirecting to "/" when accessing links from webserver url



All - I am trying to implement CUG for a website. I enabled authentication on root node of my website and added correct group for permissions. This all setup works fine when i access links on publish. I am redirected to login page and once i login, i am able to see correct page. But same scenario sporadically works from webserver url. I have added this config in dispatcher.any file: /allowAuthorized "0" for all pages. I can confirm that pages are not being cached. I am seeing below error in log file:

09.08.2019 11:09:45.379 *WARN* [qtp42840439-9676] isRedirectValid: Redirect target 'http://<webserver_url>/content/abc/en/home.html' must not be an URL

09.08.2019 11:09:45.387 *ERROR* [qtp42840439-10299] Redirect target 'http://<webserver_url>/content/abc/en/home.html' is invalid, redirecting to /

This is causing issue as users are redirected to "/" instead of a requested page.

Did anyone face above issue? Any pointers/ help will be highly appreciated.



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