AEM 6.3: Cannot export experience fragments to target using DTM integration.



We have integrated AEM with Target Using DTM as described here:

We now want to use experience fragments and target as shown here: AEM Experience Fragments

Step 3 contains this:

Click the Cloud Services tab, then from the Cloud Service Configuration drop-down list, select Adobe Target.

But we of course do not have a direct connection between Adobe Target and AEM because we are using DTM to make the bridge.

There is also the following statement:

"As a first-look feature, you must be provisioned with the Experience Fragments functionality within Target. In addition, you must be using AEM 6.3 with the appropriate feature pack. Your account representative can help ensure that you meet the requirements to use this feature if your company is provisioned with this feature."

Am I really unsure if we event have those privileges, how can I make sure?

Also, you can see that in the opt-in windows target connection fields are disabled, what is the reasoning behind this? Is it because it was used to connect to the classic target? Is the only way to make this exporting of fragments work to create a direct connection with the new target, if so where can I do that?

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 14.13.20.png

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Accepted Solutions (1)


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The approach mentioned in Adobe Experience Manager Help | Integrating Adobe Experience Manager with Adobe Analytics and Target... ​has a limitation that you can not personalize XF with another XF. Whereas you can still replace XF with custom HTML code from Target interface.

There is one more way to do personalization of XF via Target but from AEM interface, as mentioned in Creating Personal Experiences using Experience Manager and Adobe Target (Target Classic credentials are required)

Some more information for you, Adobe Target classic has been decommissioned, so will AEM-Target integration would work now OR What happens to existing activities created with the AEM 6.1-6.3 / Target integration after the end-of-life date for the Target Classic user interface?

     While the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) 6.1-6.3 integration with Target does use a Target Classic API user behind the scenes,      this is managed separately from the Target UI transition and will not be affected by the end-of-life plans. If you would like to set up      an new integration with AEM and Target you will need to send a request to Adobe’s provisioning team, who can set up this      integration for you.


So, now coming back to your questions:

1. Step 3 mentioned is that we have mentioned in Creating Personal Experiences using Experience Manager and Adobe Target [This is direct AEM-Target classic Connection and can be achieved through Adobe I/O target APIs. This is different from the integration mentioned VIA DTM]

The Marketing Cloud Help​ this an apt way to personalize XF with XF from target interface via VEC. But for this, you requires Feature Pack. Let me get some more information from product management about its public accessibility.


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The Experience Fragment integration with Target is currently in beta testing. Can you direct message me your email and I send you information how to setup the integration.