AEM 6.3.6 Contexthub Personalisation variants not loading in publisher

prathapm1847112 26-12-2019

Hi Experts,


We have implemented Personalisation on AEM 6.3 with AEM-CFP- Service Pack.


After targeting the components, In Author the Personalisation is working fine.  In Publisher this is not working until restart of the publish instance.


After Debugging the issue found to be, After Targeting and activating the Pages.  In publisher the variants for for the Targeted component loaded only the Default content. See the examples below.on page view Source.

Not working Variant loaded as below:

variants: [{"path":"/sitename/uk/en/tips-tricks-and-personal-stories/default","name":"default","title":"Default","campaignName":"","thumbnail":"/sitename/uk/en/tips-tricks-and-personal-stories.thumb.png","url":"/sitename/uk/en/tips-tricks-and-personal-stories/_jcr_content/root/responsivegrid/section_container_1055881294/heading_bar.default.html","tags":[]}],

Working Variant after restart have all the variants including default variants.


Any Suggestion/help is highly appreciated.







AEM 6.3 Personalisation with Contexthub publisher issue

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


This issue might be caused by caching. Can you try restarting "" from the /system/console/components console on the Publish instance.

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