AEM 6.3.0 integration with ImageMagick

mksaigopal621 23-03-2020



I am doing the ImageMagick integration with AEM 6.3.0 in order to convert jpg/png image formats into webp format. 


I have updated the DAM Asset Workflow, as per below document


And i am using argument as below.

convert ${directory}/${filename} ${directory}/${basename}.webp


but getting error as execute: failed to execute command line 


Can anyone help on this.....


@kautuk_sahni , @Arun_Patidar



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That error message in-and-of itself isn't helpful.


First validate the command you're using executes on command-line (removing AEM from the picture altogether) 


Then, assuming you get the desired output from ImageMagick, apply that to the Command Line step in your Workflow. 


Also FYI -- AEM 6.3 is fast approaching end-of-core-support within the next month (April 2020).