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Hi all,

I am running the command java -Xmx2048m - jar cq6.3-author-p4502.jar -v -x crx2oak -xargs -- --load-profile segment-fds to do inplace migration, I see the following, any idea what is going wrong?. Thanks!!

16.04.2019 14:46:08.884 INFO   c.a.g.c.p.ProfileLoader: Reading migration profile: segment-fds
16.04.2019 14:46:09.046 INFO   c.a.g.c.p.ProfileHandler: Applying partly the command line (before loading a profile): [--load-profile, segment-fds]
16.04.2019 14:46:09.175 INFO   c.a.g.c.p.ProfileHandler: The following template tags has been defined: {}
16.04.2019 14:46:09.175 ERROR  c.a.g.c.p.ProfileHandler: Tags: [datastore-path] are required but their values were not resolved or not passed at command line.

This might indicate:

1) Some dynamic tags weren't determined correctly (please check all WARN/ERROR log entries)
2) Your custom profile is incorrect (i.e. tag name typos, missing tag definitions)
3) The user should define the tag value at command line manually as profile doesn't specify the default value

The final profile is invalid (incomplete) hence the migration has been aborted.
MAIN process: shutdown hook
MAIN process: exiting

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Have you configured a separate datastore in 6.2?  If not then use segment-no-ds

Source RepositoryTarget RepositoryProfileAdditional Flags
crx2 or TarMK with FileDataStoreTarMKsegment-fdsSee Troubleshooting section below
crx2MongoMKmongo-from-crx2 -T mongo-uri=mongo://mongo-host:mongo-port -T mongo-db=mongo-database-name
TarMK or crx2 with S3DataStoreTarMKsegment-custom-dsSee Troubleshooting section below
TarMK with no datastoreTarMKsegment-no-ds
MongoMKMongoMKNo migration is needed

Refer  Performing an In-Place Upgrade

You'd still use crx2oak as mentioned by Jaideep

Answers (1)

Answers (1)




Looks like crx2oak is not able to find the datastore. Do you have a valid datastore path defined in the crx-quickstart/install directory? Try mentioning the datastore path in the migration command. Use "--datastore" parameter.

More details at [1]

[1] Using the CRX2Oak Migration Tool