AEM 6.2 Sp1 - Replace dependency entries in pom with uber jar

cquser1 20-09-2018

Hi All,

We are on 6.2 sp1.

We want to replace unwanted dependencies from our project pom files with uber 6.2.0 [obfuscated] version.

Our code builds successfully on having the uber jar, but one of the core bundle goes to installed state and lists many entries with "Cannot be Resolved".

Sample entries as attached in the screenshot.

We noticed that the ones in the screenshot are not listed in our bundle before updating our code with uber.

Not sure what is the issue.

Any thoughts/pointers will be really helpful.


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

cquser1 20-09-2018


But these packages are not referenced in the same bundle[before making changes with uber jar]. So, looks like these are getting added by uber and is failing.

How can this be resolved, since it is not present in our codebase, but getting added by uber itself.

Any thoughts/pointers will be helpful.

smacdonald2008 20-09-2018

Looks like Adobe Social APIs are not part of your AEM code base. This error indicates that you bundle is looking in the OSGi service container and cannot find these Java packages.